ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, May 08, 2018

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Noor 5:20, Sidhu 6:45, Z Khan 5:20

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Add items A1 with B53-13 ,A2 with B53-14,

R-53-108 move to rules Withrow / Lim

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Public Comment

Assistant director for Associated government (Arron)

Response to the senate acussations of closed door business related to the ASUCI 2018 Spring Elections. The clause that required the senate ratification was removed for this year’s election. The judicial board chair has requested the meeting with the pro-staff. The judicial board believed that the results had to be pushed out to the public by week 4 Tuesday by 5PM. I reviewed the video of the meeting that stated that Stephenie said that the endorsements were wrong was never in existence. In response, to the Facebook conversations according to the pro-staff and the former executive board giving out advice was incorrect because during their time it was under a different constitution. Overall, be careful of the accusations that are being made as it can bring many dangerous things. Please get to know the Constitution, the By-Laws, and the elections code. My job is not to interepret the consitutions, that is the job of the Judical Board

Ravi My first question is there a time limit. My second question is to come to the middle. I am a person not interested in politics but whenever there is something that gets me angry I will get into the political arena. My people the Sikh never had a political voice or identity in the world, I have always been told to get something done then there I should shut up and mind my own business. The Sikh student association has told me that there was going to be a statement released on the arroyo drive incident but however nothing has been released. I am not going to blame the pro-staff because I do not honestly know what they do. However with the results of the current elections, there will be no one left to take the voice of the Sikh people because there is no one who will take my voice. I ask right now should an extreme voice be marganialized, are the extreme people. This type of person is the person is going to bring change

Alex Hack UCI B53-15 ASUCI to ICS Day funding, I really want to make this event to succeed because one of our main sponsors have pulled out of funding and we have lost 600 days so

Parshawn We should into deep consiferation Ravi’s voice. I am here to present my comment on ex-officos. I think there are a number of things that are importanthere to think. First and formost the elections code loophole, I like to first acknlowedge that I was the one that found the loophole and was the one that told Gurneel about it. Everyone would want to use the loophole fairly and I believed that there was no way to jeporizide the elections. I believed that this loophole should have been fixed when the elections should have been finished. I do not agree with my name being associated with the allegations on the elections code of linking my name to the charge of collusion as this is possibly a charge of perjury. Even though I do agree the loophole should be fixed, in this process the Senate has and this was one of the reasons why I told Gurneel to not tell this was because he was a presidential canidate and that he had access to the senate for not ractificing the elections. In the elections code, there is a clause that said that there is a rule that by Tuesday week 5 of Spring Quarter the elections result should be


released in fear that Senate elongating the elections results. Here is where I like to to provide my expierence, in the elections code there are two ways to argue the results it has to be argued within the same session the second part said that Robert rules the person who argued has to be the person who voted Yes and this person not being the chair. Overall this is a done deal so get over it and get done with your lives. Now getting on to the pro-staff accusations, There was nothing done that was illegal according to the governening documents. Technically we argue all the damn time but however the reponisbility comes down to Judical board and the elections commission. Therefore there is no reasons for the Senate to get mad over the closed door business because it is not your business. Now going to the special council, that type of power comes from the Student Advocate General. There is blant presence of bias amongst the bias but however the problem here is that the chief of staff of president and being chair of the special council presents clear bias. Overall, Kimo said some very bias things against the university as I believed that there was going to be a problem with him being the chair of the people. Overall I like to go back to the LA and never be mentioned ever again so I can retire peacefully.

Underground Scholors Initiative this new org is meant to serve formally incarenarted student. Overall in my brief time at UCI, I was able to find an identity here at this school and I will be graduating after two years here and having 2 fellowships. I have an event coming out. Today, I came out here to invite people to our first event May 18

Kimo I am the chief of staff coming in and this is not a elected position , I am a parlimientary member and going to sit in my insurance exam in 23 days. I am personally going be meticously extrived over the next 5 weeks. Overall, there is nothing being done for the Access extension. Overall, the problems here is with the administrative positions, the Supereme court has ruled that the senate has the power to appoint and officer people. This statement is also stated in the ASUCI constitution. I am going to be talking about this with the Judical Board over the wording issues. Right now we don’t have any conclusions so we cant go to the Judical Board or the Student Adocate General. The special council is just made to investigate matters, and overall the senate should be the one that has to deal with it. Previously, I stated that there was Solvency issues and that is why Gurnell wanted to bring me on. However, I should not be kicked out of the board because I did do not anything malicous to bring harm and if I did then I should not be a part of the board.

Cadimus R53-113 and R53-114 Overall the person that you want to appoint as Chief of Staff has a history of someone that is attacking the organization that you are appointing to. Overall this goes against my views and my commission views. Me and my commission were always able to meet with Stephenie and Pro-Staff and we do know that it is a hard issue to deal with something because the University is the second largest employer. There is always going to be communication barriers.

Jose Santa Cruz R53-113 and R53-114 Overall I am still here to talk about the previous things that other people have stated. Overall, the appointee in question is potentially dangerous to the entire population. Overall I feel like this is an insult to my position because I been working to become for three years and you want to appoint with no experience and someone who has a blatant history of being violent to the organization

Arron: again I iterate that you should read your documents. As there is a rule that states that anyone can become a member of ASUCI if they pay the ASUCI fees.

Kimo I like to continue the Gandalf cases, there is no way for ACESS students to pay the fee as right now this is similar to gay marriage as they can get married but the beauracy will not allow them to pay the fee. My views were attacked, I believe that due process is needed as I believe that if someone did sexual assault then they should get kicked out, arrested, and thrown into a detention center, However I do believe that people should have a fair trail. Yes I may have posted an edgy meme from a crusader that I am taking on class as I was making a joke from that class. Overall if you believe that I have made a bias decision then you can drag to me to Chicago then


you can get me to stand in front of an ethics court. Overall, (Makes some attacks to Jose Santa-Cruz) I think no one has discriminated ASUCI and I want to make ASUCI a better place. Overall I hope that there is no bad will between me and Jose. Looking at major politicans and coorporations, there is no one that cares about the school all they care about winning. Overall I am not hating people but rather I am disagreeing with their ideas

Ravi: Overall the comments that were being made to each other it has become less of the legislation but rather the attacks to characteristifcs. Trump might be one of the worst elected officials in legislative history. Why does Kimo Gandalf is an asshole, honestly I see him as a three piece suit that is reading a book. The legislation does not affect me or not Jose. Jose is the only person to help someone even if they are attacked. Why is the person that does not have any negative opinions is the one that is being appointed. Why pick him because we could have picked anyone into the role. This man is not reponisble for any of our lives but he has the power to engender the lives of people that has more freedom. Gurneel and Jose are people that want to come together to bring change. There is a roadblock between the conservative and the liberals and we might get the devil into looking into this.

Parshawn: Why is someone that is uninformed being appointed to power, in my expierence, I had a good expierence with prostaff. I could never be the chair of a special council because I have a bias, or I have a predetermined idea on something. Overall the chair should only be seeing if there be something that should be changed. Overall, senate is stepping over their authority because this is the job of the SAG

Cadmus: There are a lot of talented people in this room and so why are we appointing him

Lydia: There has to be a process, there has to be someone to be there. The reason why we were late because we had a meeting across campus. Here in this room, we all come here to attack each other but there is no way for someone alone here to fix their problems on their own. We all need to work with other people to make those changes, right now there are people that are losing money due to issues DACA. Right now I am having conversations with people to find a way to help the students are going to lose their chance at being here. Right now there are students out there are workers, they are begging for more wages. Before the government had funded UCI with 70% of the budget but now it is only 10%. Right now there is a culture of hate and disrespect. We should focus on the issues that are happening with the students. Right now we are asking for more affordable housing but that is not going to happen right away, We are planning more affordable housing. The W line got canceled and we are going to talk with other by knocking on their doors and keep on going. The things that you write or call each other. Please be mindful of each other

Executive Officer Reports

President: No new Reports

IVP: Don’t forget to RSVP to banquet, it is due this Friday. It is all AS meeting and it is mandatory

EVP: we are going to Oregon this weekend

Special Committee Reports

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Old Business

5A B53-13 – We are increasing the amount of tickets being bought Motion Wan / Lim Accalamation Passes

5B B53-14 Lim / Erikate Lim / Noor Accalamation

5C R53-104 Gurnel I feel like we should move this measure later so we can further


investigate with parliamentary members and talk with more people about it Motion to postpone

(Justice) Since the measure was not rescind or recalled within the same session it is not valid

Gurnel I voted yes on this measure

(Justice) It has to be an order to rescind and not recalled

(Kimo) This does not follow Robert rules

(Justice) definition of rescind and recall

(Kimo) Just reintroduce the bill

(Natalo) We will not have a new team until this measure passes am I correct

(Hong) Senate is not required to ratify the elections for this year

(Justice) Right now there is no rule stating that the Senate has to ratify the election for the results to be pushed out to the public

(Bopari) The email was not sent to me and I received the message by having it forwarded it to me by the Pro-Temp. I was talking with previous members of AS about setting up a meeting with Stephenie but I was not able to due to scheduling issues. I don’t get why there was no word on why there was no word from pro-staff about their conversations with J-Board. Right now I am not attacking anyone but I want to know why nothing was said to the Senate. Right now I believe that we are in need of some more info because right now we are in a dangerous place right now.

(Bopari) I was fully aware about elections coming out but I want to know why no information was transmitted into the


(Justice) I want to make it clear about … I believe that you have answered your question because you already knew the results. I believe that we have followed due dillgence and there was not complaints came to the judicial board even with a 40 hour extension for senators. You should complain to the right people, if you want to complain then you should done it with due dillegence.

(Ravi) Can I ask a question or does it need to go through someone else? The question: Why do we need the senate ratification for the elections

(Justice) The ratification from senate acts as a stamp of approval for consitutents to let them know that hey this election was done fairly and correctly.

Ravi Why did you do it Parshawn

Parshawn In senate they were holding up results by not showing up as this happened


before. As the process could take days, weeks, and months, and it takes time for people to get connected with their new positions.

Justice Basically no one should have the power to withhold the election results

Justice The measure should have been argued on the same day.

Bopari I still stand by my words and I believe that we can move pass this issue and work on next year and closing some holes. Frankly it should have been a simple question that I wanted to pro-staff. I want to ask

Motion to extend meeting to 7:10 Noor / Sidhu

(Bopari) I really wish that it didn’t blow up like this. I wish I had these two questions answered. I did not personally receive this email because I guess it was bcc. The secondary issue is that many of you were running in the election, and had you be part of any meetings, that would call the entire election into question. I wish I had hope this space to answer my questions. So my question why did you talk with an impartial senator or why did you not talk in public comment.

(Arron) we as pro staffers are here to help you and the answers to your questions is because it is not my job as the extent of my job is to send you to the elections commisoner or the judicial board.

(Bopari) Is all the advice given made public?

(Arron) I am allowed to not disclose pubically any advice given out to the people I meet because my job also allows me to do this so let me ask you why can senate go into closed session and talk about stuff and I would never know

(Bopari) We can go into closed session to protect the confidentiality of the members.

(Arron) I don’t believe I believe this

Next Meeting: 5/10/2018

Motion Adjourn Meeting at 7:10 Withrow