ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

 Called to Order by Withrow at 5:15


Noureddine came in late at 5:22

Approval of Minutes

Motion: Bopari Second Gunaman

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Bopari / Second: Gunaman

Public Comment

Person (Organization/Department): Comment

Angry talk against Gabra

Executive Officer Reports

Vice- President:

Anteaters against Ableism

Sustainability week events

IVP meeting and all asuci meeting

Special Committee Reports

International Committee:

Parking Committee:

First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee:

Transfer Student Committee:


New Business

Special elections for EVP / Apathy for people voting in elections / Need more people to vote and more people needing to and needing for more people / Week 5 the earliest for special election process to begin week 6 is for applications week 7 for voting and week 8 for results

Special elections

Gurneel (Filling in spots with interims) / Georgina (Possible is a good idea as time is a big problem along with retention)

Steven (Resources) / Georgina ( We need more people to fill in the shifts)

Motion to extend time by 5 mins Bopari / Jiang

Bryant / Georgina ( We need time to plan out all the logistics) / Bryant (Paying volunteers) / Georgina (It is not legal for people to get paid)/ People are not voting in general

Julie (Announcements for people in the respective schools) / It has been done but need more work done on it

Motion to extend time by 5 minutes Bopari / Jiang


Gurneel ( Lack of capacity to meet needs -> trust issues -> apathy) / Georgina ( It could be just that they are just busy or something else we are not sure, out of state out of mind or people just don’t care)

Motion to extend time by 5 minutes Bopari / Gabra

National Power Summit might have a played a role in people hating ASUCI and the pressure might have played a role in doing this role.

Georgina ( There is a lot of work that falls upon me and that is just another problem for me regardless of the people that are under my command) / Gurnell ( Are there we focusing on the wrong focus areas with our resources)

Steven (should we just fill out the empty spots with the newly elected people) / Georgina (We cant let people do that because the elections code dictate when their term begins. Along with its better for people to know what they are doing)

Motion to extend 2 minutes (Jiang / Nourediene)

Reimbursement for personal finance workshop pt 1

We couldn’t use the first funding measure because it was not a part of ASUCI

Motion to finance Lim / Noor

Reimbursement for personal finance pt 2

Not enough funds was supplied for the event

Motion to finance Lim / Gunanman

Dismissal of Social Ecology

Rolecall vote Motion Gunaman / Second: Calderon

Dismissal passes 12 -0-0

Special Elections for EVP

Why we need this resolution the constitution says a special election needs to happen but it still be passed as a resolution

It is right now at the discretion

Postpone for J-board opinion Lim / Nourediene

Sponsorship for E-ball

Proper name B53-12 Ammended by Bopari / Lim

Motion to commit to Finance Motion by Lim / Second by Calderon


Council Intern Program Report

No commissioner present



Applications for senate (7 Applucations

5 Yays 2 Nos

Other legislations are going to be postponed until authors are present to explain their legislations


Passed all 3 biils

Public Information

No new updates


No new Update3s

Immediate Business

School Breakouts

Struck out

Final Business


No Annoucenments

Next Meeting: 4/19/18

Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:54

Motion by Calderon

Second by Erikat