ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 12, 2018

 Called to Order by President pro Tempore Liam Withrow at 5:10


Bopari came in late at 5:15 P.M.

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President: Elections going on and give encouragement / EVP special elections / Chancellor meeting lobbying the capital for more UC funding. Alumni give back event.

IVP: Garden party at the Arroyo Vista Garden on Saturday 4/15/18. Please help elections commissions

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New Business

Interview of Benny Lin at 5:30

Aerospace and possible double philosophy major. Interested in associate justice position. Interested after shadowing a lawyer. Interested in the rulings of cases and wants some direction on where to go

1St question: Why did you apply?

Mentor showed senate cases and really felt a connection with them


2nd question: What do know about your position

References last year elections and deteremines if the correct procedure was conducted and see if the correc action was made in certain cases

3rd Question

Andy Nguyen working on security concuil and determine if something happened was legal

4rd Question

Looking at the papges of senate, found the legislation of interim-social science senator and believed that the judicial board was correct in the ruling

5th question

Niccole vs Maryland. Sides with the Supereme court with the supremency clause giving precedence of higher law over local laws. There needs to be order in society

6th question

Reviewed and annotated all case legislations related to Asucii cases. Reviewing the justices opinions on another cases and conduct research on a case history

7th question

A cd was a good or a service the cd was considered as a service in the same way as a dentist provides a service. Believes that Judicial board conducted the right answer

8th question

Current playing basketball former swing dancer but not medically cleared. Goes to the gym 5 days a week.

9th question (Classes)

Summer classes still need to take physics 7e,52a, and two philosophy classes, planning on dropping the honor segment because major covers category III.

10th question

Interpreting the constitution, if something was hard written then there


is no other way to interpret something is and if not then go the stricter way.

Interview of Michelle Abundis

Second year political science major minoring in English and international relations. I think I have an interesting view on judicial and there is a larger role I can play



I wanted to apply to law school and was always driven by justice but always more interested in being a lawyer but it is important to have both sides

2nd question

I think my perception is interesting and I am proud of being a UCI student and constitutionally speaking my job is to interpret what the governing bodies are. I think that the constitution has some role to play

3rd question

I am currently interning at a law firm over the summer, I think I definitely come across the judicial side of the job. Along with all the consequences they have

4th question

A bill that was passed by the senate that was not necesarilly wrong but the writing was flawed. What I understood was that the bill had to be more thoughtout and [communication] is a problem between the judicial board and senate. The bill I forgot it had to deal with 52 the minority of the group or giving power. I believe that we should not be empowering any group

5th question

A lot of my studies focused on margierie. I believed that it was a clever use of judicial power because he was able to trick the president to secure a large amount of power for the judicial side. Do I believe that this was right so this why I have half support

6th question

I do not believe there is not any better way than reading them. I am not sure how every part is embodied by the senate but it can come from


experience. I mean personally I feel like it is impossible to ever be free from bias so that’s why I ll turn to a larger third body. So will I ever be a bias free no … (cant keep up)

7th question

To be honest, I am not sure. I do not recall any the dates of any of them but I guess the broad topic I would be able to recall.

I think it is really dependendent on the case but I really do apologize but that is what I believe in

I volunteered in the campagain of Mendoza. I think he is seeking reelection we worked together during my freshman year and the summer

8th question

My time commitments are similar to this year with most classes in the morning … I have some flexibility

Motion to close session by senator Lim second by Wan

Motion to end close session by senator Lim second by Calderon

Motion to suspend by laws and second by acclimation

Append Agenda to include interview of Quincy motion by bopari second by wan


Interview of Quincy

I read supreme court cases for fun when I was taking AP history I was reading

I like going to Ayala and reading the columes on supereme justices

If I say im qualified then I say I have more expierence then moi

Question 1

I really love the political and the supreme court and was wanting to apply the knowledge so I was really excited to found out there was a judicial board here

Question 2

When I first found that there was a judicial board … I am not going to lie  


to you I memorized the 28 pages. … This was supposed to be the balance between two bridges and the responsibility of writing opinions is interesting. Judges seem the coolest to me

Question 3

Well im a first year so I am not the most expierence. I am from san Berdineno so I am going to the San Berdiendo court house and do some volunteer work over there. …

Question 4

The most recent time is an impeachment … there was this one case 3 years ago when the ASUCI senate passed a law that was deemed unconstitutional … Im going to always side with the judicial board

Question 5

Im going to side with the supereme court on that the 2nd amendment was an individual right it does not mean that it is immune to regulations  

Question 6

Well we are lucky that out ASUCI constitution is written in modern English so we don’t worry have to worry about interpretation. I guess the only way to understand it is to read it if I have some problems understanding I can just ask the senators or refer to the UC governing policy.

Question 7

There was one case there was a special interest senator. I will talk about the impeachment case and it was the case of safiday writing a legislation and that she argued that she was protected the first amendment and I believe the judicial board was right in their decision

Question 8

I am more of a moderate when it comes to the constitution as there are some things placed in the constitution that is meant to be interpreted in a certain way.

Question 9

I wish to make the meetings …

Interview of Lawerence Huang at 6:33

I am a first year with sophomore standing. .. AP gov and AP history was my


favorite classes in high school. So when I discovered the judicial board I liked how the judicial board mirrors the American government. Even though I do not know every detail with research that I can make it up.

1st question

I was really interested in American government and it really mirrors American government. I believed that with the knowledge of American government I can help serve my fellow anteaters

2nd question

Overall when I was applying I was looking at legislation and saw the impeachement of social ecology and really believed that they had a strong sense of justice and that proved to me that the judicial board has the power to do things properly. With the other judges that UCI runs properly

3rd question

During high school I never served on student government and here I thought it was good time to try it out. Here I was really exicited about the enviornement. Again I was interested in American government and taking poli sci 21a it help makes me capable of running in government

4th question

For the dispute that I deicded to write about the social ecology if I am not mistaken most of the sneators and justices voted for impeachement one voted for against as they still have their rights. However I will rule for the majority as she did not represent the student body. However I still believe that the right was included in the asuci constitution

5th question

In brown vs education, I agree that the original vote should have went through

6th question

In applying for the application, I made sure to review the constitution, I know the general outline, if I am selected I need to review the constitution and previous laws and for future reference I need to become less bias. I could either vote for the majority or go the dissent route and explain why I choose this way

7th question

I believe in loose interpretation because when the constitution was


made that the founding fathers believed that the documents was for future leaders to be interpreted in the future. Gay marriage was deemed constitutional because of a loose interpretation. A loose interpretation helps give way to help

8th question

Free clinic and the normal classes

Closing remarks

Here is home and be a place where everyone is safe and happy.


Next Meeting: 4/16/18

Motion Adjourn Meeting at 6:46 P.M. due to loss of quorum