ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 17, 2018

ASUCI Senate Minutes



●      Called to Order by 5:13 at Rubalavaca

●      Attendance

o      Algodhmi arrived late at 5:16

o      Gunaman arrived late at 6:11

o      Mann left early at 6:32

●      Approval of Minutes

o      Motion: Lim / Second: Hong

●      Approval of Agenda

●                      Motion to move 6a to 5b Hong / Withrow

o      Motion: Hong / Second: Lim

●      Public Comment

●                      Georgina: The elections for special elections were sent to senator withrow

●                      Withrow the timeline is going to amended in rules committee. 

●      Executive Officer Reports

o      IVP: Banquet Week 9, womxn’s health fair is going on currently, gardening commission is planting every weekend in the AV garden. Lydia is very sick and has to be hospitalized for this week.

●      Special Committee Reports

o      International Committee:

o      Parking Committee:

o      First Generation and Non-Traditional Student Committee:

o      Transfer Student Committee:

●      Old Business

o      Election of senate president

o                      Nomination of senator Withrow

o                      Role call vote  10 yays ,  0 nos 1 abstains

o      R53-104

o                      Withrow: Due to previous actions, this resolution is up for reconsideration.

o                      Justice Sujith: I feel like the best use of the Senate time is to table it until necessary

o                      Withrow / Hong : Table

o                      Gabra : object

o                      Withrow : Withdraw

o                      Gabra / Noor : role call vote

o                      Role call vote : 9 yays 2 nos 0 abs


●      New Business

o      IVP Budget Reports

o                      Anteaters in action: Donate life event spent 5000 dollars for the event. Reallocation needed. 1000 dollars is needed for registration and bingo and boquets for brooldale senior living has pushed over budget

o                      Sustainibility: Earth week $500 spent and will purchase green books for distribution for finals and midterms. Overall they have around 500 dollars left in budget.  

o                      Student Life and advocacy : $1177.22 was spent overall on events

o                      RAR: spent 3206 on ALL Asuci meetings ($300 each), open house ($750) and         $3500 is going towards ASUCI Banquets

o                      Garden commission : spent 120 for garden session, $30 for succulent parties,       and further pending costs for more plants

o                      Food Secutity: 800 on Food Sustanibility fair, and other events

o                      Transportation Commission: no money was spent because boothing and survey were cancelled. And 500 dollars were reallocated to other commissions. Now they are dealing with the traffic on campus and student concerns relating to it

o                      Vendor fair: No new changes because it is still ongoing

o                      Point of information: There is no sound on the livestream on mobile devices

o                      Question: does the gardening commission compost? I will have to get back to      you on that but I assume that they do.      

o                      Motion to go into 5 minute recess to fix livestream. Withrow / Nourediene

o                      Motion to end recess Hong / Withrow

o                      Motion to postpone item 6b to Tuesday Withrow / Hong

o                      Motion to postpone item 6c to Tuesday Withrow / Hong

o                      Senate appointte interview Saul Lopez:

o                                      Im a poli sci major. I do not like to do prepared statements, I prefer to do candid statements. When I was at my community college, I was the majority leader and was president pro-tempore. I helped advocated scantron vending machines, and hydration stations. Along with the president I helped the dreamers at my school. I am a dreamer and it helped define me. I will always help them. After I was done with Senate I was elected president. I also had the opportunity to represent my college.

o                      Lim What would you do for your school. I would let people in my school know that there is an ASUCI senate and along with preparing for exams like the GRE. History majors are very unaware of the legislative motions beginning made here.

o                      What previous expierences would help you here? I was previously the senator at my community college and being a school wide -senator for a semester and when I was president I did a 42 page reword of the constitution at my school and took out unnecessary stuff and made things for neutral

o                      What sets you apart? I like to actually do, I don’t like prepared statements. If I say something, then I will try to act on it. There was something Annie gave me regarding pay. Along with the current senate picking next years senate president it could have some tweaking.

o                      What would you change the mascot? I would not change the mascot as I am fine with it being an anteater.

o      R53-111

o                      Motion to postpone to Tuesday Withrow / Erikat

o      B53-16

o                       Motion to move this legislation to finance Hong / Lim

o      R53-117

o                      Hong: The commissioner position is relatively a new position and since they fall in between a senate support staff and senator, they should be recognized for their hardwork. Along with having a perks of having a key, an email etc.

o                      Khan: How do other commissioners look over their offices. Hong: Well since we are different we have a different rules regarding this commissioner.

o                      Gabra: I feel like instead of having the current program, senator should be able   to pick their own intern for their own work.

o                      Rubavalca: Attendance for interns are not required for this program.

o                      Gabra: Other commissions are holding attendance on interns a lot more heavily

o                      Hong: Why we do not have personalized aides? We want senators to have            primary duties and have interns and help with stuff from now and then. We felt like that senators were going to push all their work on their interns and we felt              that we could not regulate anything of actions.

o                      Gabra: I feel like this is too excessive and I talked with other senators and they    agree that it is too excessive as it is right now.

o                      Hong: Interns are not required to come to meetings because historically we          have a very large drop in interns. As they have their own outside projects but              we feel that in order to get the most they should attend the meetings  

o                      Rubalavca: Based on upon last years’ experience, it was felt like it was a problem. Let me ask you why Senator Gabra why haven’t you been using the                 senate intern request form while someone like Senator Lim has been using              interns for the majority of this year.

o                      Hong: I feel like there could be a way to improve the senate intern program.

o                      Lim: I feel like the way that it is run right now, it is better than before but it           could be better. I feel like it could be helpful if interns could be used to bounce     off ideas and having them and a senator to do a project quarterly. Overall, I feel      like they could overall be more proactive.

o                      Hong: Gabra you want to get rid of the commissioner position to make your new               style work. Gabra yes. Well I feel like with the current system we need a           commissioner to keep things in check

o                      Lim: I feel like with specific aides we are going to lose them without a title             bestowed upon them. Senators could help and give them advice. They could             help in terms of a managerial role. I feel like the aides should have a title and feel more connected with ASUCI.           

o                      Hong: I want to as former president of the senate, I have been capitalizing on      every intern possible and I do have to admit that it is easy to offload tasks I    don’t want to do on to them. I feel bad that I was not able to compensate for            them. Really the commissioner position should not be done for free. They         deserve some compensation for all their work to them. I feel like the interns did          a lot of work for me in the senate even if their role is only the administration       work with the senate.

o                      Gunaman: Is it required for commissioners to attend every meeting?  No

o                      Lim: I feel like they should attend every meeting if they have to get paid.

o                      Motion to commit to rules Hong / Withrow & Lim

o      R53-118

o                      Hong: The basis of this and the last legislation is to help the lives of the senate    president as I feel like every president does feel like they are going to kill           themselves. I feel like this long overdue

o                      Gunaman: How is this different than pro-tempore? The pro-tempore is an actual                 senator with no access to internals and he is more focused on the legislative        side of senate. While the chief of staff is dealing with more with the        bookkeeping of the senate, they are more of a managerial role. Overall they are          on the side of the senate

o                      Lopez: With every new president, do they pick a new chief of staff?

o                      Hong: Right now we have this role as a one year term for continuity matters.        However the president does have the right to fire and reappoint a new person               but they need a good reason.

o                      Erikat: What would the application process would be like? Yes we should               definitely there should a be an application process.             

o                      Jiang: Have you ever considered a position of a vice president?

o                      Hong: the role of pro-tempore pretty much fills in the role of that right now

o                      Lopez: What level of capacity is going to be associated with the application           process?

o                      Hong: They have all the same power and they do have the same responsibility     to do certain things

o                      Motion to commit to rules Hong / Lim    

●      Council Intern Program Report

o      We have 2 interns left and there is some legislative work to deal with the new president

o      Motion to go into committee breakouts for 10 mins Hong / Lim

o      Motion to extend by 5 minutes Lim / Jiang

●      Committees

o      Rules

â–ª       Amended the special election with time line and moved to immediate business and elections code changes 1

o      Finance

â–ª       We are trying to figure out the best way to show the budget of each commission. We are thinking of asking Aaron for help and possibly updating it quarterly 

o      Public Information

â–ª       No new updates

o      Advocacy

â–ª       No new Updates

●      Immediate Business

●      R53-98

●                      Motion to suspend bylaws to add the resolution to immediate business Withrow / Hong

●                      Point of order to point out typos in resolution

●                      Motion to add R53-98 to immediate business Withrow / Nouriedine

●                      Motion to reinstate bylaws Withrow / Lim

●                      Motion to call into question Hong / Withrow      

●      School Breakouts

o      Struck out Nouredine / Lim

●      Final Business

●      Announcements

o      No announcements

●      Next Meeting: <5/22>

●      Motion Adjourn Meeting at <6:57>

●                      Motion Hong

o      Second: Erikat