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Vanessa Yang

Hi hello! I’m Vanessa Yang, and I’m a 3rd year International Studies + Social Ecology major with minor in Management. I currently serve as the Chief of Staff for the Office of the President, and I am so excited to be working with so many amazing individuals and more importantly, serve the student body to the fullest capacity. Feel free to reach out to me whenever if you ever need a representative from the Office of the President or just as another support system. Here to support and advocate for the students, always.

office hours by appointment via Zoom

  1. Art Lab

  2. Basic Needs

  3. Campus Climate

  4. Higher Education Equity

  5. Housing Commission

  6. Local High School Outreach

  7. Mental Health

  8. SPFB

My goals for the year include:
➥ Creating structure and opportunities for ASUCI offices and branches to work together
➥ Bridging the gap between students, student government, and campus leadership
➥ Developing pathways to access basic needs for students living on- and off-campus
➥ Addressing mental health by advocating for more available counseling services and mindful practices and behavior from UCI faculty
➥ Amplifying student voices and demands by coordinating with ASUCI offices and student organizations to improve UCI’s campus climate
➥ Adjusting ASUCI’s agenda and processes if they are failing to adequately serve students


Feel free to contact us anytime and any day with any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions. We are here to represent you and are here for you!


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