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Mission Statement

The Art Lab Commission’s responsibility is to promote, educate, and create events dedicated to the arts. It is our job to promote a creative environment for everyone. This is seen through art exhibitions, social media to name a few.

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Art Lab Commissioner

Esmeralda Bobadilla
Esmeralda BobadillaCommissioner
Hello, fellow Anteaters! My name is Esmeralda or Esme for short. I am a 4th-year student but it is my second year here at UCI since I transferred here last year. I am majoring in Art with a double minor in Digital Arts & Art History. The art that I dabble in is fine art, illustration, and photography. The majority of my time is dedicated to either practicing art. (Art Page: @xem3raldx) When I am not focusing on art, I enjoy watching anime/Asian dramas, reading, and playing video games. My favorite animated series is Avatar the Last Airbender. I am excited to serve as ASUCI’s Art Lab Commissioner. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or suggestions you have related to the arts! Contact me through my email or Instagram.

My goal for the upcoming academic year is to promote the arts as a form of therapy during this global pandemic. I believe that any medium of art is a helpful tool for many people to communicate their inner thoughts. It is also a great way to keep busy. I would like to help students find affordable resources for art. Whether that be a digital, performance, music, drawing, etc. Another goal is promoting the arts and interrelationship with other subjects. Many people only see art through the lens of drawing and painting but art is a tool that is used beyond conceptual ideas. My goal is to make people aware of the possibilities within the arts.

Art Lab Interns

Justine Chou
Justine ChouIntern
Hello! My name is Justine Chou (pronouns she/her/hers). I am a second year Informatics major looking to pursue a minor in Management. I’ve always had a love of art and design, having done drawing lessons as a kid and even taken AP Art for 2 years in high school. I am so excited to be a staffer with the Art Lab, creating new events to promote art as a vessel for de-stressing and self expression. In my free time I love drawing/sketching, learning new prototyping and Adobe applications, and going on boba runs with friends! Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram ( and I’d love to connect with you!
Mackenzie Ostrowski
Mackenzie OstrowskiIntern
Hello, my name is Mackenzie Ostrowski (she/they)! I am a self-taught artist, talk show host, and DJ from Pasadena. I am currently studying Film and Media at UCI and pursuing an honors thesis regarding classic horror films seen through a feminist, queer lens. I am passionate about sustainability, local resources/businesses, and supporting small artists. When I’m not interviewing creators or non-profit organizations for my shows on KUCI, I am focusing my efforts on creating community through the arts.
Miyuki Ozawa
Miyuki OzawaIntern
Hello! My name is Miyuki Ozawa and I am a second-year Business Economics student at UCI. This is my first year being a part of ASUCI and I am an intern for the Art Lab commission. While I may not be in the school of the arts, I have always felt that art is a great way to help connect with yourself and others.
Anna Le
Anna Le Intern
Heyo! My name is Anna and I’m a third year biological sciences major & art history minor. I hail from the Bay Area and could often be found attending indie music concerts pre-COVID. In my free time, I love to do digital art, watercolor, and photography!
Issa Muramoto
Issa MuramotoIntern
Hello ! I am a second year student majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Although I am a STEM major, I am deeply passionate about art and believe that STEM and art can come together to create remarkable projects ! I enjoy traditional watercolor and acrylic painting, but I am challenging myself with digital art. As part of Art Lab, I hope to help promote a creative environment that respects all forms of art at UCI.
Taesung HwangIntern

Happy Creating!