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The Art Lab Commission aims to foster an inclusive environment where students are able to engage and support the arts. In a highly STEM-driven environment, such as UCI, the arts are often left out of the conversation. As a commission, we hope to bridge that disparity and create opportunities for the arts to thrive on campus.  Next year’s vision for Art Lab is to transform UCI into a campus where students will feel empowered to engage in their creative side.


  • Bravely engage students from different disciplines about surrounding worldwide issues such as climate change, global public health, race and racism and friendly guides to combat them by using arts.
  • Be curious about different backgrounds of UCI students and embrace them though creative outlets to educate others about the differences.
  • Encourage students to think outside of the box, expand the world of their opportunities through offering new experiences, which allow them to be brave with the ideas they put into art.
  • Create a welcoming and friendly environment for creation and exploration for multiethic cultures.


The vision of the Art Lab Commission is to cultivate an open-minded, engaged community of different backgrounds to encourage development and growth through self-expression and innovation.

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Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:00 pm (ASCUI Office and on zoom)


Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

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Art Lab Commissioner

Anna Virovka
Anna VirovkaCommissioner
Hi, everyone! I am a third-year transfer student majoring in genetics. This academic year I will serve as a Director of the Art Lab Commission. Despite the stem career that I envision, I have always been very passionate about art before I even found science interesting. I paint using different mediums; recently, I have been using acrylic and epoxy resin, check out my art page @avirovka. I am always up for a creative challenge and eager to learn a new techniques. Besides that, creating art is extremely fun, nourishing, and even good for your mental health; I always thought that art has to convey a story or a mission to the world. With that in mind, I hope the Art Lab Commission will have a fantastic year filled with exciting exhibitions, impactful social projects, and fun painting nights. In addition, outside of school-related activities, I enjoy going on hikes, paddle boarding, reading, and trying new things! Lastly, please reach out to me at or join the office hours if you have any questions, concerns, or simply would like to chat!
Melisa Cakir
Melisa CakirCommissioner
Hi everyone! My name is Melisa Cakir and I am the new Art Director Assistant. I am currently a 3rd year double majoring in psychology and biosci. Some of my favorite hobbies include swimming, surfing, and the arts. I know a range of skills from knitting and sewing to oil painting and film photography. Art has always had a huge impact on me since I was a child, it has allowed me to express and enjoy myself without external pressures that give me so much anxiety and stress. That is why I am so excited to be able to bring some of my passions to my fellow Anteaters and hopefully we can foster a happier community at UCI!

Art Lab Interns

Mackenzie Ostrowski
Mackenzie OstrowskiIntern
Hello, my name is Mackenzie Ostrowski (she/they)! I am a self-taught artist, talk show host, and DJ from Pasadena. I am currently studying Film and Media at UCI and pursuing an honors thesis regarding classic horror films seen through a feminist, queer lens. I am passionate about sustainability, local resources/businesses, and supporting small artists. When I’m not interviewing creators or non-profit organizations for my shows on KUCI, I am focusing my efforts on creating community through the arts.
Grace Kaluza
Grace KaluzaIntern
Hello hello!! I’m Grace, and I’m a second year majoring in Spanish and Language Science (aka Linguistics). Feel free to talk to me about model making, ceramics, figure skating, boba, smoothies, and pretty much anything else!!
Veela Agas
Veela AgasIntern
Hi everybody! My name is Veela Agas (she/her/hers) and I’m currently a first year Fine Arts Major and plan on minoring in Digital arts in the future! As an artist I’m most familiar using traditional mediums such as charcoal and colored pencils usually to create human portraits, other than attempting to draw people you’ll probably see me cartooning or re-creating manga panels. In my spare time (if I’m not doing anything art related) you can find me gaming in my apartment, watching anime and movies, or going out with friends!

I’m so excited to join the team this year, I’m very passionate about my own culture and finding a way to introduce art into the flow of mainstream media. My roots are such a big part of me so I can’t wait to explore the different ways we can put them together through our events this year! Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram (@v.eela) or my discord (mariem00#1140) about art or anything else <3

Nhi Hoang
Nhi HoangIntern
Nhi is a 2nd year environmental engineering major who loves to watch movies, draw, and travel and sightsee, whether it’s at a museum, park, or beach. In the near future, she would love to become a contributing member of society in the engineering field, art field, or both!

Happy Creating!