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Charline Minifield
Charline MinifieldCampus Climate Commissioner
Hey y’all!
My name is Charline Minifield and I am extremely excited to be serving as your Campus Climate Commissioner this year. Something I hold dear is to ensure that underrepresented communities and groups of individuals have a voice and use it to their fullest potential. Through this position, I hope to further elevate those identities that may be on this campus and, by doing so, make our campus one in which all can excel.
Looking forward to this coming year!

Campus climate is defined by the University of California system as “the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators, and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities, and potential.”

Our mission at UCI is to recognize and empower various identities and voices on our campus so groups that comprise the student body at UC Irvine are represented and can reach solutions for identity-related concerns. Overall, the Campus Climate Commission is dedicated to making UCI a safer and inclusive environment for all to thrive. This year, Campus Climate is comprised of seven different liaison councils which will each focus on specific identities and issues on campus.

They are as follows:

International Student Liaison– Qiyu Chen

Black Empowerment Student Liaison– Joshua Scruggs

Womxn Empowerment Liaison– Grace Wood

Transfer Students Liaison– Diana Lopez

Immigration Students Liaison– Fatima Abdulah

Undocumented Students Liaison– Chendanni Liu

(Dis)ability Services Center Liaison– Kimberly Do

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