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Mental Health Commission

Nayana Bhaskar
Nayana BhaskarMental Health Co-Commissioner
Lauren Hisatomi
Lauren HisatomiMental Health Co-Commissioner

Mission Statement:

The mission of the ASUCI Mental Health Commission is to promote mental health wellbeing of students at UC Irvine with a collaborative effort of both student groups and on campus resources.


  • Increase dialogue of mental health issues on campus
  • Decrease mental health stigma
  • Advocate on behalf of students
  • Plan on-campus awareness events that illuminate the intersectionality of various mental health experiences
  • Collaborate and partner with on-campus resources and organizations to create a stronger community that supports mental health initiatives
  • Organize the annual Reclaim Mental Health Conference that aims to reduce mental health stigma and promote dialogue with a social justice perspective

Description of Committees:

Reclaim Mental Health Conference:

  • Logistics – Help with planning the logistics of the conference. This Committee will be responsible for reaching out to sponsors and off-campus and on-campus organizations, obtaining sponsorships and funds, coordinating volunteers, coordinating with the Student Center, etc.
  • Creative Visioning¬†– Help to plan and create the ambiance of the conference including but not limited to; the decor of the conference, assembling an art gallery and organizing the wellness room.

Campus Oriented Events, Policy, and Advocacy:

  • Outreach – Assist and collaborate with other commission members to plan quarterly mental health awareness events such as Mind, Art, and Soul, guest speaker events, and other interactive and creative events.
  • Policy – Advocate for mental health resources, promote mental health rights and reduce the stigma and discrimination directed toward mental health.

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