Mental Health Commission

Kayleigh Lacy
Kayleigh LacyMental Health Commissioner
Hi everyone! My name is Kayleigh and I am a third year Biology/Education major in the CalTeach program. I am excited to be leading the commission this year, after working as a team lead last year and as planning committee for the annual Reclaim Mental Health Conference the year before. I also work in the office at Arroyo Vista and will be a TA for the Bio Sci Freshmen Seminar this fall. I love the Mental Health Commission because of its universal importance to all kinds of people; it is a very diverse and multifaceted issue we are tackling. Also, sharing about such personal struggles really brings you closer to fellow students and widens your perspectives.

Winter 2019 Office Hours: by appointment

Asia Cao
Asia CaoMental Health Commissioner
Hi All! My name is Asia Cao and I am a fourth year Biology major. After interning with the Mental Health Commission last year I realized what an impact students can make on campus when we work together and allow ourselves to learn new perspectives. Along with being commissioner, I am also President of Global Medical Brigades, an active member of Delta Epsilon Mu, and a research assistant under Doctor Campos’s Lab. I am so excited to work with the interns, students and faculty of UCI to create a more positive dialogue about mental health advocacy.

Winter 2019 Office Hours: by appointment

Commission Information:

The Mental Health Commission is a proud part of ASUCI, under the Office of the President. It is run by passionate mental health student advocates who volunteer their time and effort to promote dialogue, information, and understanding of mental health issues and stories on campus.

Commission Vision & Goals:

– Promote dialogue of mental health issues on campus and decrease stigma by helping plan events that bring various mental health stories, issues, and experiences to light.

– Organize the annual Reclaim Mental Health Conference that aims to end mental health stigma. Through art and dialogue by students and professionals, various topics of mental illness and healing are explored in a sociopolitical lens.

– Advocate on behalf of students by collaborating with on-campus resources and organizations to create a stronger community that supports Mental Health initiatives.

– Be a strong presence on campus in providing Mental Health awareness, knowledge, and a safe environment where people can feel comfortable sharing their struggles in solidarity.

Description of Committees:

Reclaim Mental Health Conference:

  • Logistics – Help with planning the logistics of the conference. This committee will be responsible for reaching out to sponsors, off-campus and on-campus organizations, obtaining sponsorships and funds, coordinating volunteers, coordinating with UCI Student Center, etc…
  • Creative Visioning – Help to plan and create the ambiance of the Conference including but not limited to: decoration, assembling an art gallery and organizing the Wellness Room.

Campus-Oriented Events, Policy and Advocacy:

  • Outreach – Assist and collaborate with other commission members to plan quarterly mental health awareness events such as “Mind, Art and Soul,” guest speaker events, and other interactive and creative events.
  • Policy – Advocate for mental health resources, promote mental health rights and reduce the stigma and discrimination directed toward mental health.