Research Mobilization Commission

Nathalie Vidal
Nathalie VidalResearch Mobilization Commissioner
My name is Nathalie Vidal, and I am a 5th-year student majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Accounting. As a transfer student, I initially had no idea I wanted to go into research; however, with the resources I found on campus, I was exposed to the significant impacts research could have on a community and I was able to participate in a few multi-disciplinary projects. Participating in research was my way of applying what I have learned throughout my academic career to real-life situations and contributing back to academia. I hope to expand the awareness of research to others on campus and promote the culture of undergraduate research in all disciplines. With the Research Mobilization Commission being relatively new, there are so many opportunities and I’m honored to be serving as co-commissioner.

Commission Information:

The ASUCI Research Commission and in collaboration with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) develops new initiatives driven by student input to further enrich the undergraduate research culture at UCI.

Our focus is to expose students to more research opportunities and facilitate exchanges and dialogues between students doing research and those interested in doing research.

  1. Establish Student Mentorship Programs
  2. Provide Undergraduate Research Seminars
  3. Promote Student and Faculty Research Recognition
  4. Develop Programs Driven by Student Advocacy

Commission Vision:

The commission’s main goal is to facilitate multidisciplinary research opportunities across the campus partnering with UROP (undergraduate research opportunities program). Research is largely tailored to biology majors but we focus on expanding those opportunities to all majors, laying down a platform for student’s work, and spreading its importance.

Nathalie Office hours: by appointment

Mahima Office hours: by appointment

Mahima Avanti
Mahima AvantiResearch Mobilization Commissioner
Hi everyone! My name is Mahima and I’m a fourth year public health science major and an Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor. I’m excited to continue being Research Mobilization Commissioner for the 2018-2019 school year. I have always been interested in research and to be part of an upcoming commission in ASUCI is helping me branch out my interest fields. Besides participating in research, I’m a GHREAT scholar and part-time volunteer at a hospital nearby; I hope to devote my time to improving the research experience/climate on campus. I’m super excited to work with interns and UROP/UCI faculty on projects that benefit the student body as a whole.