Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB)

Elizabeth Favor
Elizabeth FavorSPFB Commissioner
Hi Anteaters!

I’m Elizabeth Favor, and I am honored to serve as your ASUCI Student Programming Funding Board Commissioner this year. As an SPFB member in my second year, I loved connecting with our campus’ diverse clubs and organizations, making their wildest dreams come true through funds and resources, and helping bring to life so many fun, inclusive, and eye-opening events for our undergraduate community. As Director, I can’t wait to continue strengthening student engagement and supporting all the weird and wonderful student-run programming you can only find here at UCI.

Outside of ASUCI, I’m a third-year Business Administration student with a minor in Film & Media Studies. You can also find me running around on campus as a Peer Academic Advisor for the Paul Merage School of Business and a Student Assistant for the UCI Office of Information Technology. In my free time, I’m probably crying over movies, the MCU, and overpriced Disneyland trips. If you have any questions, good podcast recs, or money to burn for a boba run, I’m always happy to chat at Stay safe and stay sane, Anteaters!

2021 Fall Quarter: Thursdays 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM via Zoom (

Commission Information & Commission Vision

The Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB) under the ASUCI Office of the President is a student-run commission that provides funding to undergraduate clubs and organizations for their events and activities. Since SPFB consists of funds from student fees, we ensure that all events supported by the commission are open to the broader UCI campus and serve the undergraduate community by cultivating social, cultural and educational awareness. SPFB members review funding applications, approve requests, promote the commission’s resources, and manage and allocate over $120,000 in funding every year.

The vision of SPFB is to strengthen engagement, participation, advocacy, and cultural appreciation among the broader UCI undergraduate population by providing all campus organizations with accessible funding and resources that promote diverse, innovative, and inclusive programming.

How to apply:

  1. Fill out an application for your event at You will need to attach a video presentation that shares details about your event and why it requires funding.
  2. Please expect a brief email correspondence after submission of your application to obtain any missed details about your event and follow up with any questions or concerns. You will also receive an email requesting all purchase documents, invoices, and receipts. Send them in the form of pictures, screenshots, invoices, estimates, emails, etc.
  3. When SPFB completes its review of your funding request and you have submitted all the request documents, you will receive an email indicating if your funding was approved or denied and the funding amount.
  4. If your funding request was approved by SPFB, more instructions on how to access the funding will be provided in the final email.



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[Spring Quarter]

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM on Tuesdays via Zoom

Week 1 through Week 10 unless otherwise noted.