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Recruitment & Retention Commission

Mansi Patel
Mansi PatelRecruitment & Retention Commissioner

The Recruitment and Retention Commission is a commission under the Office of the Internal Vice President. We are dedicated leaders of our ASUCI and UCI community to ensure that the barriers between the students and the leaders is broken. We are also motivated to build a more family like atmosphere between the leaders. Our primary focuses for this year are Orientation, Open Houses, Holiday Gathering, Banquet, and more recruiting throughout the year. We believe that everyone can find their place in ASUCI and we are here to help them.


This year, we plan to inform more students about ASUCI and its opportunities through recruiting on Ring Road and Open Houses. We also plan to build upon the professional relationships between the leaders and encourage them to help each other grow as leaders, students, and members of their community.


My name is Mansi Patel and I am the Recruitment and Retention Commissioner for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am a second year Environmental Engineering major. I was a Recruitment and Retention intern last year as a freshman. I am really excited to be the commissioner this and hope to accomplish the goals I have set for the commission.



Office Hours: Thursday 11:00am-1:00pm or by appointment