Recruitment and Retention Commission

Meena Hoshmand

Recruitment and Retention Commissioner

Hello! My name is Meena Hoshmand and I am a third year Biological Sciences major. I will be the Recruitment and Retention Commissioner for the 2018-2019 academic year. In my free time I love to travel (catch me at the pyramids this summer), running (once a cross country runner, always a runner), dance (Common Ground forever), and photography (some say my photos belong on Patagonia or whatever). I was an intern for Recruitment and Retention last year and really excited to be commissioner this year! I plan to make RAR a more recognizable commission within UCI as well as a platform for student’s voices to be heard. I am looking forward to creating wonderful events for the ASUCI and UCI community!

Office Hours: Thursday 02:00-03:00pm in the ASUCI Office

The Recruitment and Retention Commission is a commission under the Office of the Internal Vice President. We are dedicated leaders of our ASUCI and UCI community to ensure that the barriers between students and leaders are broken. Not only do we bring AS members together but also students who are interested in becoming leaders of our community. We are also motivated to build a more family-like atmosphere. Our primary focuses for this year are Orientation, Open Houses, Gatherings/Meetings, Banquet, and more recruiting throughout the year. Everyone has a place in ASUCI; find yours.

This year, we plan to inform more students about ASUCI and what we bring to the community. Our goal is build strong relationships within commissions and between branches. We want each student to grow professionally and as leaders as well as create long lasting friendships.

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