Paul Merage School of Business




Business Administration

Personal Facts/Passions:

I enjoy learning about new things, anime, sports, video games, Panda Express, and good music/books.

Goals For 2021-2022:

I want to play a role in ensuring students have an immersive experience here on campus. The pandemic took a good amount from all of us, so making sure students are enjoying the first year back on campus while adjusting to the transition is the biggest thing for me.

Why did you join ASUCI?:

As a transfer student who came in during the virtual year it wasn’t easy to get to know people and find a community. I figured I could do that here at ASUCI. Since joining I’ve met many really cool people and I’ve learned a lot of things. Time here has taught me the kind of ways ASUCI helps to better the experience for all students and I’m glad to take part in that. The effects aren’t immediately realized or flashy but a lot of work gets done behind the scenes. All of which I’ve been lucky to see up close.

Standing Committee/Other ASUCI Positions:

Finance committee