Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences




I am a 3rd year Pharmaceutical Sciences major.

Personal Facts/Passions:

I love to listen to music while doing almost every task. Either that, or watching Netflix. Most of my Spotify music consists of KHH, KRNB, and pop. I like to watch a mix of sitcoms, dramedies, kdramas, and anime. My favorite drink has to be either a peach black tea with boba or coffee, can’t live without them.

Goals For 2021-2022:

My goal is to effectively communicate with what students have been struggling with and provide support for their needs. I know that a lot of labs get filled very quickly and since they are a requirement to apply to Pharmacy and/or other professional schools, it is important for students to be able to get into these classes so I would like to try to make these classes more accessible for them and increase spots in these types of classes. I also want to work with my fellow senators and members of ASUCI so that we can create a more manageable environment during the pandemic through the creation of scholarships for students who are struggling during this time. I would also like to work and coordinate with clubs more in order to see what help they need with such as events, funding, and increasing turn-out and activity in the club.

Why did you join ASUCI?:

While communicating with other Pharm Sci students, it came to my realization that many of them did not know that much about the student government and how they can be involved. Joining ASUCI would allow me to better connect the students to our student government and spread awareness of what is going on.

Standing Committee/Other ASUCI Positions:

Rules Committee