School of Humanities




I’m a 3rd year Philosophy and Earth System Science double major.

Personal Facts/Passions:

I’m a violinist with no time to practice. I can also sing Nicki’s Monster verse, but don’t ask me to because I’ll get stage fright. On a serious note, I am super passionate about environmental justice and equitable access to basic needs. So if you have a related project in mind, please reach out! I’d love to work with you!

Goals For 2021-2022:

As always, there’s a lot to do! This year, I hope to facilitate communication between ASUCI branches in order to better serve students. I also hope to find a consistent way to reach out to and engage the greater student body with the things happening in ASUCI (since it’s student input we value the most!)

Why did you join ASUCI?:

I joined ASUCI out of interest initially. I started off as an intern for the Office of the External Vice President, and then ran for Humanities Senator after seeing the abuses of power the 2019-2020 Senate committed. Overall, it’s a great way to get involved in your community.

Standing Committee/Other ASUCI Positions:

Pro-Temp, Chair of Advocacy