Senate Secretary




I’m a 3rd year majoring in Sociology.

Personal Facts/Passions:

I have a love for learning and I’m always down to sit down and listen to people’s stories, experiences, and passions. If you told me the history of cheese with a passion for it, I’d be sold. I find a lot of creative outlets and expression in words, art, music, so I love anything related to that. Every month, I volunteer in outreach in a nonprofit dedicated specifically to visually impaired Korean Americans who have trouble accessing the same resources because of language barriers. On that note, I am passionate about giving back to the community and will continue to work towards finding ways I can do that in the best of my abilities. I also have a plant named plant, and it’s not even a real plant. :)

Goals For 2021-2022:

My goal is to do my best, regardless of what my best looks like at different times. I’d like to read more books and stay educated on our socio-political climate. I would also like to work towards personal growth, and growth in the relationships in my life. At UCI, I’d like to be more involved, and get to know more people and their interests!

Why did you join ASUCI?:

I joined ASUCI after seeing their works in advocacy, pushing out legislations, and efforts to create a better academic and social environment that best fits students needs. More than anything, I really wanted to learn more about not only this process, but also learn from current members who are passionate about what they do. I hope to take what I learn back to my outreach and advocacy efforts in my own community, and largely, other communities as well.

Standing Committee/Other ASUCI Positions:

Senate Secretary