ASUCI Senate


“We, the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California at Irvine, as advocates for the student, promise to facilitate interaction amongst students, faculty, and administration, educate and inform the UC Irvine undergraduate community by pledging to be accountable to our constituency in an effort to enhance the quality of student life”.

About the Senate

The ASUCI Senate branch is a representative body composed of elected or appointed students from each academic school. These student senators are elected by the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Social Ecology, the School of Business, the School of Physical Sciences, the School of Information and Computer Science (ICS), the School of Fine Arts, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities, the School of Education, the School of Nursing Science, the School of Pharmaceutical Science, and the School of Public Health, and the student body At-Large. There are also five (5) ex-officio seats, which are appointed by the Senate members. Undergraduate students that represent a club/organization fill these ex-officio seats. These students are usually appointed by their own club/organization to represent them in regular Senate meetings.  Starting in Fall 2016, there are now Special Interest Senators whose primary mission is the representation and advocacy of specific groups on campus.  Special Interest Senators shall be drawn from and elected by the transfer student body and the international student body.  Freshman seeking to be the Freshman Senator shall be interviewed and appointed in the Fall and shall take their seat starting in the Winter Quarter.

Senate is responsible for approving the budget for the fiscal year, approving or rejecting any legislation that is brought to them, approving or rejecting the recommendations for amending the ASUCI Constitution, Senate By-Laws, and the Elections Code. The members are also responsible for meeting with the dean of their respective school at least once per quarter and weekly office hours to address any concerns their constituents may have.

Senate meets regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00pm. All meetings are open and every student is strongly encouraged to attend. Meetings are usually in Woods Cove BC. However, meeting rooms change, so please call 949-824-5547 to find the location of the next meeting.