Student Services Vice President

Dilraj Toor

Hey Anteaters!

My name is Dilraj Toor and I’m serving as your 2018-19 Student Services Vice President! Y’all probably want to know who I am (if not, then whoops). I’m a fourth year at UCI and a double major in Public Health Policy and Political Science. Fun facts, I have changed my majors a total of six times since I’ve been here (can you say indecisive), backpacked/traveled every summer since college, work as a Campus Rep (#ZotZotZot) and have gone through about 8 major hair changes since I’ve been at UCI. Finally, I have been in Student Services since my second year starting off as a Campus Outreach Intern, then transitioning to Commissioner my third year and now here I am.


College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The 4-something years we spend here should be filled with memorable events and unforgettable experiences. Sure, we are here to get a degree and education is a priority, but students should also expand their horizons and have fun. I believe every person should leave college having at least one memory they will never forget, and as Student Services Vice President, I want to help create that memory for students.

Office Mission:

The Office of Student Services strives to enhance the student experience at UCI through creating large-scale entertainment events. These events include Welcome Week, Shockotberfest, Athletic Rallies, Spirit Days, Film Screenings/Other Multimedia Events, Soulstice, Summerlands, and much more! Student Services strives to make memorable experiences through year-long event programming.

The office of Student Services is split up into six different commissions, and the role of Student Services Vice President is to oversee each of them. You will find goals and objectives for each commission on their respective pages!

Contact Me!

Dilraj’s Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2

Chief(s) of Staff

Rana Andary

Head Chief of Staff

Bio Coming Soon!

Erin Dominguez

Head Chief of Staff

Hello! My name is Erin Dominguez and I am a 4th year Business Economics/Education double major. I’m from Yuba City, California and love bullet journaling, meditating, and watching Youtube. I’m currently also an RA for Mesa Court’s Caballo 5 (yay tsum tsums!) and absolutely adore my residents, both past and present. My favorite part of ASUCI is seeing all the commissions come together as a family throughout the year, and of course, all the amazing concerts we host! Oh, and I secretly love sloths 🙂 so send me sloth pics anytime!

Niki Izad

Assistant Chief of Staff

Hi everyone! I’m Niki, I will be serving as an Assistant Chief of Staff for this school year and am so excited! I am a third year Biological Sciences major and have been a part of this office since my second year! I like to watch movies, go to the beach, go to concerts, cook/bake, and more!!

Denise Vo

Assistant Chief of Staff

Hello friends! I’m Denise and I’m currently a 3rd year PharmSci major from Huntington Beach who loves traveling the world and eating ice cream. This is my second year in the Office of Student Services and my experience has been nothing short of amazing! I can’t wait for everyone to see the great upcoming events we have in store. Zot! Zot! Zot!

Contact Us!


  • Rana’s Office Hours: Monday 11-12 PM

  • Erin’s Office Hours: Monday 2-3 PM

  • Niki’s Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3 PM

  • Denise’s Office Hours: Monday 1-2 PM