Multimedia Commission

Chase Chipres


I am a 2nd year Computer Science student with the hopes of pursuing a career in Cyber Security, and my ultimate goal in life is to work from home and travel the world!

Alyssa Liu


Hii! I’m a third year student who double major in business economics, film & media studies and minor in digital arts. I am planning to enter and discover the wonders of the entertainment industry world!

One fun fact about me is that I think butterflies are evil.


Our mission is to unite the student body with a selection of fun interactions between the student and a medium of media. This includes a Screen on the Green to start and end the year, as well as advanced and regular screenings of films, while also providing workshops on more technical aspects of media.

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  • Chase’s Office Hours: Friday 1-2 PM

  • Alyssa’s Office Hours: Friday 2-3 PM