Content & Promotion Commission

Marissa Koo

Head Commissioner

Hi, I’m Marissa! I’m a third year Business Economics student from San Francisco, California! I’m extremely excited to create content with ASUCI Student Services this year. In my free time, I love creating videos, exploring foods and boba, traveling, journaling, and exploring new music!

Tati Lim

Assistant Commissioner

Hello UCI! I’m Tati and I am incredibly excited for the commission and I to create content for all the major ASUCI Student Services events this year! A little about me: I am a 3rd year Pharmaceutical Sciences Major who has a growing passion for videography, loves traveling, and enjoys a good pun every once in a while.


Content & Promotion is comprised of a team specializing in videography and graphic design whose aim is to provide quality marketing material for ASUCI Student Services major events. In this way, our hope as a commission is to keep that student body aware and excited for annual rallies, concerts, screenings etc. We look forward to creating content for all of you, Anteaters. Stay tuned!

Contact Us!


  • Marissa’s Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3 PM

  • Tati’s Office Hours: Wednesday 11-12 PM