Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission

Koyuki Nakayama

Student Talent Co-Commissioner


Hello, my name is Koyuki Nakayama and I am a current fourth-year majoring in International Studies and minoring in Management. A Bay Area Native, I have interacted with people from all walks of life, which inspired me to learn more about global migration and diaspora from school and internships at Orange County Asian Pacific Islanders Community Alliance (OCAPICA) and as advocacy chair of Global Refugee Organization Working Towards Health and Hope (GROWTHH). A passionate advocate for the arts, I like to dance (in my room), sing (in the shower), watercolor, crochet, watch animated films, and play the saxophone outside of school. Although I am not striving to be an artist, I will like to assist and provide opportunities for underrepresented artists as a career. I believe creatives thrive from creating valuable connections with each other and their ideas, so I hope I can be the vessel within our UCI community to support your artistic projects and expression as your new co-commissioner for the Student Talent and Community Outreach!

Thomas Stea

Student Talent Co-Commissioner


Hello, my name is Thomas Stea and I am a fourth year Psychological Sciences major. The reason I chose Psychological Sciences as my major is because I am fascinated by the human mind and mental illnesses. I think many of life’s challenges could be solved with a little more love, empathy, and better communication. I like to spend my free time outside exploring nature, with my friends/fiancée, and working on my car. After college I am looking to work in a career that allows me to give back to the less fortunate. Living through many hardships, I hope to encourage others and be a voice for people who may not be as represented as they should be. My favorite quote that I live by is, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Although I used to not understand the whole profundity of this quote, I find the older I get the more apparent it becomes.

Mission & Vision

  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will continue to educate themselves and the UCI student body in order to recognize and address concerns of unconscious bias, discrimination, and systemic bias against transfer students, on-campus students from different majors and schools, and students from different racial, religious, cultural and identity backgrounds in the creation of talent content.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will be the source of support and the liaison between the student talent and the Associated Students of UCI to engage, communicate, and share ideas, goals, and timelines.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will work with Multimedia & Marketing Commission to utilize the resources and support of the Office of Student Services and the Associated Students of UCI in order to produce content and events that effectively represent the student body.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will take the initiative to improve and grow from previous year’s feedback, suggestions, and concerns from the student body.
The Vision of the Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will be to act as a platform to reach, connect, and amplify the voices of diverse, original talents that effectively represent the holistic views and talents of the UCI student body.

Contact Us!


  • Koyuki’s Office Hours: Tuesday 11am-12pm

  • Thomas’s Office Hours: Thursday 3-4pm