Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission

Connie Nguyen

Student Talent Co-Commissioner


Hi everyone! My name is Connie, and I will be your Student Talent & Community Outreach Commissioner for the 2021-2022 school year. I am a third year Biological Sciences major. I like discovering new places, watching drama shows, online shopping, and meeting new people. This is my third year in the Office of Student Services, and I can’t wait for this upcoming year as we transition back to in-person schooling again. I’m always here, so if your have any ideas, questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me!

Insiya Gunja

Student Talent Co-Commissioner


Hey there! My name is Insiya and I’m a fourth year computer science major and philosophy minor here at UCI! I love solving puzzles, going to the beach, and the color blue. I enjoy doing things like baking, reading, hiking, painting, playing games, and listening to music. I also love teaching kids! I am passionate about being involved on campus, and so I’m super excited about being one of your Student Talent Commissioners this year. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Commission Goals:

My goal for our commission is to really take advantage of the virtual opportunities we have to highlight the talent that exists within the student body. I also have high hopes for making the 10th anniversary of Soulstice the most rockin’ event it can possibly be!

Mission & Vision

  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will continue to educate themselves and the UCI student body in order to recognize and address concerns of unconscious bias, discrimination, and systemic bias against transfer students, on-campus students from different majors and schools, and students from different racial, religious, cultural and identity backgrounds in the creation of talent content.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will be the source of support and the liaison between the student talent and the Associated Students of UCI to engage, communicate, and share ideas, goals, and timelines.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will work with Multimedia & Marketing Commission to utilize the resources and support of the Office of Student Services and the Associated Students of UCI in order to produce content and events that effectively represent the student body.
  • The Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will take the initiative to improve and grow from previous year’s feedback, suggestions, and concerns from the student body.
The Vision of the Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission will be to act as a platform to reach, connect, and amplify the voices of diverse, original talents that effectively represent the holistic views and talents of the UCI student body.

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