Mission and History

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Office of the Student Advocate General is to empower student success through collaborating with the campus and surrounding community with students’ best interest in mind. We are committed to serving as a visible resource for personal and academic achievement by providing an intentional support structure for students.”

Duties & Responsibilities

The Office of the Student Advocate General is committed to providing and ensuring equity and advocacy on behalf of the undergraduate student body here at UCI. The Student Advocate General develops and implements campus climate-based responses and initiatives, on behalf of the varying demographics and intersecting identities of the UCI undergraduate community. The Office collaborates with students and administration in relation to Student Affairs to establish that the student perspective is both present and accurate. This includes spaces that are intended to provide support and reporting services. This Office is designated to serve and represent the undergraduate student body at UCI. Lastly, this Office provides advocacy, education, and community support on behalf of students.

Meet Your Executive

Meet The Team

Internal Student Advocate General

Hello Anteaters! My name is Jenna Lee (she/her/hers) and I will be serving as the Internal Student Advocate General for the school year of 2020-2021. I am a second year striving to be a Criminology, Law, and Society and Psychological Science double major. I am so excited and honored to be apart of the Office of the Student Advocate General. My main goals for this year is to increase transparency and accountability between ASUCI members and students. I want students to be able to have expectations for us and have us meet them. With that said, my office and I will work towards awareness and making ASUCI more accessible to students. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns. We are here for you!


Office Hours: by appointment | Please email for the Zoom link!

External Student Advocate General

Jillian Pearl (she/her) is a 5th year double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. She is First-Generation Filipinx-American raised in the Inland Empire and grew into a life committed to intersectional social justice, human rights advocacy, and community wellness. Jillian Pearl is immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve as this year’s External Student Advocate General, especially considering the evolving context of our world that is urgently calling for transformative change. Overall, Jillian Pearl is an optimistic, resilient, and passionate leader who is constantly working to uplift and empower people.


Office Hours: Wednesdays, 4-5PM | Please email for the Zoom link!

Chief Accountability Officer

Wiley Wilson 


Office Hours: by appointment | Please email for the Zoom link!

Assistant Chief Accountability Officer

Carlos Dominguez 


Office Hours: by appointment | Please email for the Zoom link!

The Responsibilities of the Student Advocate General

  • Representing UCI students in discussions with Campus Administration
  • Aiding UCI students in filing complaints against ASUCI
  • Educating UCI students about their rights
  • Providing assistance to students with disciplinary action taken by the university against them
  • Directing students to spaces that are intended to provide support and reporting services

The Role of the Student Advocate General

  • To advocate on behalf of the concerns of the UCI undergraduate community as they relate to the various institutional bodies, this includes, but are not limited to ASUCI, faculty, staff, and campus administration
  • The Student Advocate General acts as a third-party to ensure checks and balances within student government
    • The Office can also initiate charges of violation of the ASUCI Constitution to fellow members of ASUCI
  • In regards to Internal Affairs:
    • At request, the Student Advocate General may assist in finding an informal resolution through mediation, shuttle diplomacy or by other means
  • The Office of the Student Advocate General does not replace or substitute for formal grievance, investigative or appeal processes made available by the university. In addition, the Office does not have any authority to make decisions or enact policy.


  • The Office of the Student Advocate General is a neutral body within ASUCI and does not represent the university or individuals in matters brought to its attention. The office advocates for fairness and equity.


  • It is important to note that this Office is not legally required to maintain confidentiality.
  • In most scenarios the Student Advocate General will practice confidence with any information.
  • Prior to disclosure, students should be aware that the law in the State of California mandates that information may be appropriately shared if you are in imminent harm to yourself or to others, when there is an indication of child or elder abuse, or if you are gravely disabled.


  • The Office of the Student Advocate General does not serve as an office of notice or record for the university.

Complaint Form 

The ASUCI Complaint Form is aimed to provide a space for ASUCI members and the general public to share incidents/experiences where ASUCI members violated any policies including, but not limited to: UC Policies, UCI Policies; ASUCI Governing Documents; UC Sexual Assault and Sexual Awareness Policy; Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS); Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy Regarding Academic and Staff Employment; All other policies not covered. Once reported, the Office of the Student Advocate General will follow up with the complainant within 48 hours to discuss the alleged violation. All submissions will be confidential unless the person who submitted the complaint shares their consent. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Student Advocate General at or Student Government & Student Media Director Stephanie Van Ginkel at

ASUCI Complaint Form:

Office Hours 

Feel free to contact us anytime and any day with any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions. We are here to represent you and are here for you!

Isabelle Lee (Student Advocate General): 

  • Office Hours: by appointment

Jenna Lee (Internal Student Advocate General):

  • Office Hours: by appointment

Jillian Dela Cruz (External Student Advocate General): 

  • Office Hours: Wednesdays, 4-5PM | email for Zoom link!

Wiley Wilson (Chief Accountability Officer): 

  • Office Hours: by appointment

Carlos Dominguez (Chief Accountability Officer):

  • Office Hours: by appointment