The Office of the Student Advocate General

Daniel Martinez

Hi UCI Anteaters! My name is Daniel Martinez and I am honored to serve as your ASUCI Student Advocate General for the Academic Year 2018-2019. I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student and I identify as a Filipino-American from the beautiful city of Long Beach, California! As the Student Advocate General, I hope to serve you all with purpose and efficiency. I have served as the ASUCI Engineering Senator for Fall Quarter 2018 and as a Vendor Fair Intern in the Office of the Internal Vice President for the academic year 2017-2018. Through these positions, I have reestablished the dialogue between ASUCI and Greek Life, worked with Engineering Student Council to host mental health awareness workshops in the engineering side of campus such as therapy dog events, conducted feedback assessments for engineering students to be voiced to the Dean, and met with the Dean of Engineering to discuss student concerns. I am also involved in Engineering Student Council as a Corporate Affairs Committee Member, working with other members to host professional development workshops for engineering students. I also serve as one of the Programs Suite Coordinators for Kababayan’s 40th annual Pilipinx-American Culture Night, working with my co-suite coordinators and cast members to develop flyers for publication and take pictures for the memories :-). I love EDM and Pop and some of my favorite songs include “This is Me” – Keala Seattle from The Greatest Showman, “Test Drive” by Joji, and “8TEEN” by Khalid. Some of my interests include Filipino food (ma sarap ang balut at lechon!), photography, 7Leaves House Coffee with easy ice, easy sweet, & one shot of espresso, and baseball (Go Angels!). I am extremely passionate about authentic & vulnerable leadership and inclusivity. I hope that together, we, as an Anteater family, can facilitate a safe and inclusive space for all UCI students on our campus. 

Daniel Palafox
Daniel PalafoxInternal Student Advocate General
Second Year – Criminology, Law, & Society and Urban Studies – Thursday: 9AM-10AM
Tran To
Tran ToExternal Student Advocate General
Second Year – Business Administration, Minors in Global Sustainability and Political Science – Tuesday: 4PM-5PM
Zachary Sin
Zachary SinChief Accountability Officer
Second Year – Biological Sciences, Minor in Bioinformatics – Wednesday: 4PM-5PM
Constance Lin
Constance LinStudent Conduct Caseworker
Third Year – Criminology, Law, & Society – Thursday: 9:30AM-10:30AM
Diana Acuña
Diana AcuñaAcademic Caseworker
Second Year – Political Science – Monday: 11AM-1PM

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Student Advocate General is to empower student success through collaborating with the campus and surrounding community with students’ best interest in mind. We are committed to serving as a visible resource for personal and academic achievement by providing an intentional support structure for students.

The Goals of the Office of the Student Advocate General

1. Rebrand the Office of the Student Advocate General by hiring core staff that support the mission of the Office and ASUCI as a whole.

2. Optimize the ASUCI complaint process by establishing quick links to the ASUCI complaint form on the ASUCI website and quickly following through on complaints within 24-48 hours.

3. Increase transparency of the ASUCI budget by allowing every UCI student to view the budget and see where their ASUCI fees are going.

4. Conduct needs-assessment on a regular basis to better understand the needs of the UCI undergraduate community.

5. Ensure that all demographic groups are fairly represented in ASUCI and that it remains a safe, inclusive space for all students at UCI.

The Responsibilities of the Student Advocate General

  • Representing students in discussions with campus administration
  • Aiding UCI students in filing complaints against ASUCI
  • Educating UCI students about their rights
  • Providing assistance to students with disciplinary action taken by the university against them
  • Directing students to spaces that are intended to provide support and reporting services 

The Role of the Student Advocate General

  • To advocate on behalf of the concerns of the UCI undergraduate community as they relate to the various institutional bodies, this includes, but are not limited to ASUCI, faculty, staff, and campus administration
  • The Student Advocate General acts as a third-party to ensure checks and balances within student government
    • The Office can also initiate charges of violation of the ASUCI Constitution to fellow members of ASUCI
  • In regards to Internal Affairs:
    • At request, the Student Advocate General may assist in finding an informal resolution through mediation, shuttle diplomacy or by other means
  • The Office of the Student Advocate General does not replace or substitute for formal grievance, investigative or appeal processes made available by the university. In addition, the Office does not have any authority to make decisions or enact policy.


  • The Office of the Student Advocate General is a neutral body within ASUCI and does not represent the university or individuals in matters brought to its attention. The office advocates for fairness and equity.


  • It is important to note that this Office is not legally required to maintain confidentiality. 
  • In most scenarios the Student Advocate General will practice confidence with any information.
  • Prior to disclosure, students should be aware that the law in the State of California mandates that information may be appropriately shared if you are in imminent harm to yourself or to others, when there is an indication of child or elder abuse, or if you are gravely disabled.


  • The Office of the Student Advocate General does not serve as an office of notice or record for the university.


  • Health

    • UCI Student Health Center
    • UCI Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion
      • On-campus resource that provides education and services related to relevant health needs of UCI students.
      • Contact: 949.824.9355
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • G319 Student Center Irvine, CA 92697

Note: All medical providers are mandated reporters except the CARE workers

  • Support Services

    • Counseling Center
    • Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE)
      • Confidential on-campus resource for identifying options for reporting, medical treatment, peer services, group counseling & emotional support
      • Contact: 949.824.7273
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • G320 Student Center Irvine, CA 92697
  • University

    • Student Affairs
      • Student Affairs is dedicated to enriching the student experience from outreach and orientation through graduation by providing comprehensive programs, services, and opportunities for students. The Division also serves to promote the general welfare of the campus community within the framework of the UCI values of respect, intellectual curiosity, integrity, commitment, empathy, appreciation and fun.
      • Contact: 949.824.4804
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • 405 Aldrich Hall Irvine, CA 92697-5180
    • Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
      • On-campus resource for the university’s compliance with federal and state laws and university policies and procedures regarding discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment. OEOD responds to, investigates, and/or seeks resolution to allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment, which include sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking.
      • Contact: 949.824.5594
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • 103 MSTB Irvine, CA 92697-1130
    • FRESH Basic Needs Hub
      • The University of California, Irvine FRESH Basic Needs Hub is a student-initiated effort that promotes equitable access to basic needs through student empowerment, community collaboration, and institutional integration. FRESH offers emergency food and toiletries, connects students to critical on and off-campus resources, and provides educational opportunities for students to take personal responsibility for their wellness and the well-being of their communities.
      • 949.824.0607
      • Hours: M-F 10am-5pm
      • 4079 Mesa Rd. Irvine, CA 92617
    • Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct
      • On-campus resource that provides information about filing a criminal complaint or pursuing a complaint through the campus disciplinary process.
      • Contact: 949.824.1479
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • 800 W. Peltason Dr. Irvine, CA 92617-5135
    • Office of the Ombudsman
      • On-campus resource that The Office of the Ombudsman provides a safe and comfortable environment to discuss complaints, concerns or problems confidentially. When appropriate, the office will initiate an informal intervention with the goal of facilitating a resolution that is acceptable to all parties involved.
      • Contact: 949.824.7256
      • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
      • 205 MSTB Irvine, CA 92697-4325
  • If you have been accused of sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and dating/domestic violence or stalking, there are campus services available to help you understand your rights and the investigation and adjudication processes.
    • By September 2015, all campuses will have designated individuals – known as respondent services coordinators – who can:
      • Help you understand your rights
      • Explain and help you navigate the investigation and adjudication processes, including formal hearings
      • Refer you to campus and community resources, such as for psychological counseling, legal services (including help understanding and complying with protection orders), alternative housing, academic changes and other needs
      • Assist with securing an interpreter or translator, if needed
        • It is important to note that respondent services coordinators are not legally required to maintain confidentiality. However, as a general practice, the coordinators will request signed consent from you before disclosing personally identifiable information.
      • Contact: 949.824.5208
      • Email:
  • Legal

    • UCI Police Department 
      • On-campus resource that will take a report from the student if the incident occurred on campus property, or will refer to the appropriate law enforcement center
      • Will transport students to hospital if needed
      • Contact: 9.1.1 or 949.824.5223
      • Hours: 24/7
      • 410 E Peltason Drive Irvine, CA 92697-0001
    • Legal Aid of Orange County 
      • Non-profit agency that provides free legal advice, counseling and representation on civil matters (not including divorce). Provides services to low-income individuals and seniors age 60+ in Orange County and portions of southeast and south-central Los Angeles County.
      • Contact: 800.834.5001 or 714.571.5200
      • Santa Ana Office (Main Office)
    • OCBA Lawyer Referral & Information Services
      • Orange County Bar Association’s non-profit legal referral service. Prospective clients receive a free, brief consultation to review the legal issues and discuss fees. Administrative fee of $25 charged for first referral in one area of law. Also offers Modest Means program. Bilingual services provided.
      • Contact: 949.440.6747
      • P.O. Box 6130, Newport Beach, CA 92658
    • Orange County Superior Court Self Help Center
      • Self-Help Centers are open during regular court hours and provide free procedural assistance to those who do not have attorneys. Also offer informative workshops.
      • Hours:
        • Monday-Thursday: 8am-4pm
        • Friday: 8am-3pm
      • Central Justice Center: First Floor, Room G100
    • Public Law Center
      • Provides free civil legal services, including counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy. Provides several community services and legal clinics throughout Orange County. Also offers Southeast Asian Legal Outreach Project (SEALOP) and AIDS Legal Assistance Project (ALAP).
      • Contact: 714.541.1010
      • 601 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA 92701-4002


The UCI Law School has a legal clinic and can provide referrals, however, they do not provide undergraduate students representation.

Currently, ASUCI is working on developing student legal clinic hours for undergraduates in collaboration with the legal clinic of the UCI School of Law.m

UCI has professional staff members in the Office of Ombudsman (also a neutral party to the university) that can provide legal references and recommendations relevant to undergraduate students. 

The Office of the Student Advocate General

Location: G229 Student Center, Irvine, CA 92617

E-Mail Student Advocate General
  • If you would like to contact us or schedule a meeting, please select one of the following options below. Please also come prepared to meetings with all documents pertaining to your situation such as proposals, outlines, and violation letters. We strive to assist your situation as soon as possible, but please allow for a 24 hour response time.

Please select one of the following options: 

Student Advocate General Support Form
  • This meeting request is for students or groups who want ASUCI’s support with their non-monetary initiatives which includes but are not limited to drafting legislative resolutions and partnering. All funding requests for UCI Campus Organizations must go through various funding boards as stated in the resources section of this web page.
Other Support Services Form
  • This meeting or email exchange is for student who would like to request procedural explanations of the university or recommendations/referrals to other resources.